The design-construction bureau

The design-construction bureau (DCB) of the Rybinsk Shipyard carries out the design of boats, yachts and other vessels, as well as all ship systems; coordination of approvals by classification societies; construction supervision.

The basis for the design is 3D-modeling, which allows designers to integrate the exterior, sys-tems and interior into a whole.


  • Design of ships and motor yachts from the sketch to the construction documentation
  • Partial fulfilment of the project:
    • technical feasibility study
    • sketch creating
    • technical project fulfilment
  • modernization of boats and yachts
  • yachts and boats based on existing projects

technical supervision

The DCB coordinates its projects with the Rus-sian River Register (RRR) and the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RMRS). Suffi-cient experience in yacht building makes it quick and "painless." In addition, technical su-pervision of the design and vessel construction, as well as its classification, at the customer’s choice, can be carried out by a foreign classifi-cation society, a member of IACS. If you are tied for time and want to get your vessel as soon as possible, the best solution may be the building of a yacht or a boat based on an exist-ing project.


The design-construction bureau of the Rybinsk Shipyard is staffed with all fields engineers and has subdivisions of:

  • General design
  • Vessel hull design
  • Systems design
  • Interior design
  • electrical design, navigation and communica-tions

Today the Rybinsk Shipyard DCB - a strong creative team including 43 employees. Among them there are experienced shipbuilders and young promising designers drawn from large industrial cities of Russia.